Songwriters at DEP

Do you know that you are “the first owner of copyright” (Indian Copyright Act, art.17)? No song can be recorded, performed, broadcast, or used for commercial purpose without your permission and without you being paid a royalty. Anywhere in the world. This is true during your lifetime and until 60 years after your death.

So, your songs are your capital. And the publisher’s job is to ensure that this capital is secured, maximized and that all royalties are fully paid to you on time. The same song can be recorded a hundred times by hundred different producers, performed by hundred different artists and released by hundred different record companies… but it always remains your song. So protect your rights before signing a recording agreement!

Our commitment to talent development is as complete as the knowledge of the industry at all levels and in all areas.

Contact us for further information: we will be glad to give you, on a gracious basis, information on copyright.

Renowned Classical Singer Padam Shri Shubha Mudgal performing in Chandigarh Art and Heritage Festival at Tagore Theatre, Sector-18, Chandigarh on Friday, March 27, 2009.